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Thomas Pink’s guide to caring for your ties

Keep every element of your outfit looking pristine with our essential tips on how to clean and store our quality ties.

Thomas Pink’s range of quality silk and knitted ties are the ideal finishing touch to a more formal ensemble. There’s printed, plain, polka dot and paisley to choose from, depending on your personal style, and how you wear them is up to you. But what about caring for them? Many people don’t give a second thought to the upkeep of their ties but there are simple ways to care for them to ensure they look as crisp and pristine as your Thomas Pink shirt:

1. Although you can send your ties to a dry cleaner, you can also use a reputable stain remover product.

2. If the mark is water-based, first let it dry, then rub the stain remover over the mark in the direction of the weave.

3. If the spot is proving particularly difficult to remove, steam the stained area before using the stain remover. Always dry ties flat, otherwise they can lose their shape.

4. Always store your ties untied. Rather than hang ties, roll them up to reduce creases and restore their natural shape and tension.