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Outstanding on ceremonies

In today’s globalised world, preparing for a wedding can be about a lot more than dry-cleaning your morning suit. Whether it’s a countryside get-together or a long- haul epic, Thomas Pink has the perfect shirt for every occasion.

The invite arrives. You clock the date, then add a reminder on your phone to get your suit dry-cleaned. But something is amiss: why is the bride- to-be photoshopped on to the Empire State Building; why is there a list of booking links for Eurostar, or recommendations on where to eat in Bali? Probably because the wedding season these days is decidedly international: from Kensington to Cape Town and from Hampstead to Hawaii. Point being, the humble waistcoat, tie and tails might not necessarily cut the mustard. But don’t fret, let Thomas Pink be your guide to navigating wedding season – home or away.

The vibe: Big city showpiece
The dress code: Black tie

Weddings in the world’s great capitals can often be glitzy. Yes, they can be refined and understated but they’re more likely to be out-and-out showy. It’s about spending a fortune and pretending you can afford it, or spending a fortune precisely because you can afford it. Venues will be on-trend, so what might one year be a west London orangery may be an east London microbrewery the next. Over in the Big Apple, marquee spaces include the New York Public Library, hotels such as the Carlyle or Beekman, and museums ranging from MoMA to the Frick Collection. Chances are that Black Tie will be the order of the day at such a ritzy occasion. Luckily, if your wardrobe is less than up to par, Thomas Pink has all the essentials, right down to the high-quality tuxedo shirt (White Pleat Front Poplin Tuxedo Shirt or Bib Front Cotton Poplin Tuxedo Shirt), and even the cummerbund and matching wool trousers and evening jacket.

The vibe: Country classics
Dress code: Checks and comfort

Weddings between members of the landed gentry are notable for a sort of bohemian insouciance: morning suits paired with wellies, plus a bottle of port and a 12-bore. More generally, behind every country- house wedding lurks some skint minor aristo desperate to rent out their crumbling pile. Country weddings tend to be less fussy than their city counterparts but that doesn’t mean you should eschew a suit altogether. Instead of traditional black or navy, go for more outdoorsy tones such as brown or green and embrace print, such as our naturally dyed Prince of Wales check suit and waistcoat, woven in Yorkshire. As a base layer, our White Formal Twill Herringbone Shirt fits the bill – available in single or double cuff, white or pale blue – which you could wear unbuttoned or with a patterned tie.

The vibe: Low-key informal
Dress code: Colourful and anything goes

Commuting, childcare, saving to buy a house, the eye-watering cost of a pint in your local... It’s little wonder that many couples push getting hitched down their priority list when you consider the cost of an average wedding in the UK is more than £20k. The alternative is to go budget: rock up at your local registry office, rope in favours from talented friends and family members (bakers, photographers, aspiring DJs) and embrace the hodge- podge DIY-ness of it all. If you’re a guest at such a shindig, do turn up with a card stuffed with cash for the happy couple and an outfit that reflects the absence of dress code. It’s still nice to put on a shirt, and the traditionalist will love our versatile White Formal Royal Oxford Shirt, or go for something colourful and stand-out like our Pale Blue & White Formal Open Weave Dobby Shirt.

The vibe: Get me to the beach on time
Dress code: Relaxed to the max

Not so long ago, any self-respecting Englishman might be of the opinion that sand was as welcome at a wedding ceremony as it was in a cucumber sandwich. But these days even buttoned-up types are embracing the idea of beach weddings. There are classics of the genre, such as the South of France and the Caribbean but other less obvious destinations are proving increasingly popular. Sweden, for example, has more than 270,000 islands, or how about Sicily, Sardinia or even somewhere that doesn’t begin with ‘S’. Honolulu, Fiji, Vietnam: in short, pretty much anywhere that will guarantee you sun, sea and sand. Wherever you make landfall, the secret is to be relaxed but not casual. Board shorts and thongs mean you won’t upstage the bride but you might upset her mother so go for lightweight linen, such as our Off White Classic Fit Business Casual Cotton Linen Dyed Shirt, or a colourful cotton number that can be worn loose and carefree. We recommend our 100% cotton Pale Blue & White Tailored Fit Formal Jacquard Stripe Shirt which looks best paired with a tan.