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How To Care For Your Shirt

If looked after properly, Thomas Pink shirts will continue to last. Follow these eight simple steps to keep your shirts looking sharper, crisper and more vibrant for longer.

Step 1

Treat stains immediately and before machine washing. Lather a bar of laundry soap and leave it on any stains for a few minutes. Rinse under cold, running water. Avoid aggressive stain removers and scrubbing.

Step 2

Before machine washing, read the shirt’s care label to check correct water temperature.

Step 3

When washing, make sure all buttons are undone, including the cuffs. Turn the shirt inside out.

Step 4

Don’t add too much washing powder (it won’t improve the wash). In fact, if you’re using biological powder it will increase enzymes in the water, which can dull your clothes.

Step 5

Air-dry shirts rather than tumble-drying as, over time, the steel drum can cause damage.

Step 6

Iron the shirt while it is still slightly damp. If it has dried fully, spray with water then iron in this order: collar, cuffs, sleeves, yoke, front panels, back.

Step 7

Pay special attention to the collar. Start at the tips and move to the centre. Ironing from the tips to the centre will provide a cleaner result. Ironing the other way, from the centre out, will wrinkle the tips.

Step 8

When finished, button your shirt on to a wooden hanger. This will prevent the shirt stretching and help retain its shape. If possible, hang shirts at least an inch apart to allow air to circulate and the cotton to breathe.