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Portraits in Pink: Adeolu Osibodu

This month for our latest Portrait in Pink, Nigerian-born, London-based photo artist Adeolu explores themes of freedom and self-expression with a touch of the surreal.

What was the inspiration behind your portrait?

I’m intrigued by the visual expression of freedom. I approached the portrait with that in mind. Birds also have a strong significance to play in this, as they represent a form of charm in the art of not being bound by the laws of humans.

What sort of photography do you specialise in?

Surrealism, fashion and portraiture. These elements create a great field to explore the human body in images and its ways of expression.

Who or what inspires you creatively?

I’m greatly inspired by music, movies and life experiences; seeing the way people move. Inspiration could come from the tiniest things, but once it hits, you know you’ve got it. Nothing is uninspirational.

Generally speaking, what makes a good picture?

I believe it’s subjective, but it stems primarily from being able to compel, being able to draw you in, almost without an explanation.

What’s the most memorable picture you’ve taken?

It’s a hard choice, as I have many options. Images to me are mostly like journaling my experiences in time, so every image represents a phase and period in time. Each one is almost incomplete without the other.

Finally, what do you look for in a shirt?

Comfort, quality and durability.

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