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Portraits in Pink: Laura Pannack

The London-based photographic artist casts her adorable nephew in a playful shoot for Thomas Pink, and talks about bringing together her passion for psychology and portraiture


What was the inspiration behind your portrait?

I was thinking about who would make me smile wearing the shirt. Arlo is my nephew and he is the love of my life. It was an absolute challenge getting him to put it on but nothing a gigantic cookie couldn’t solve.

What sort of photography do you specialise in?

I would describe my work as a blend between my passion for psychology and portraiture. Social documentary is a term often used, but all of my work is in some way experimental. I shoot most of my work on analogue.

Who or what inspires you creatively?

It depends on the day. It can be something I’ve heard or read or simply the weather that morning. I absorb as much inspiration as I can. One thing I wish I did more was watch more films.

Generally speaking, what makes a good picture?

Anything that provokes emotion and allows you to connect.

What has been the most memorable picture you’ve taken?

Hopefully the next one I take!

Finally, what do you look for in a shirt?

Personally, something I will look back on and remember all the memories attached to wearing it. I want it to make me feel confident and comfortable.; follow Laura on Instagram @laurapannack