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Our three favourite ways to fold a pocket square

Go back to basics with our foolproof ways to style this timeless accessory.

The humble pocket square is a dapper finishing touch to any formal outfit. With wedding season on the horizon, now is the time to dust yours off or – better still – invest in a Thomas Pink version and learn the ropes. There are a surprising number of ways to style this simple piece of 16” x 16” cloth (fun fact: the standard size was apparently introduced by Marie Antoinette) but we’ve highlighted three failsafe hacks:

The Classic

Keep it simple with this fuss-free fold.

- Lay the pocket square on a flat surface and fold in half from right to left.

- Fold in half again from bottom to top.

- Fold in half again from left to right to make a tight rectangle.

- Fold the bottom up behind the front and tuck into your pocket.

Remember that the alignment doesn’t have to be too neat and pocket squares with contrasting edges create a visually striking effect.

The Puff

An even more effortless yet effective folding technique.

- Lay the pocket square on a flat surface and pinch in the middle.

- Run the fabric through your first finger and thumb until you’re near the bottom.

- Fold the bottom section up and behind the front, then tuck into your pocket.

TIP: Repeat the process but display the fold upside-down to create the ‘reverse puff’

The Single Peak

Every man needs to know how to create this stylish silhouette.

- Once again, lay the pocket square on a flat surface but turn clockwise so it’s in a diamond shape

- Fold in half from the left bottom corner to the top

- Fold in half again from the bottom to the top to create a neat square (still in the diamond shape)

- Fold the right and left corners into the centre to create a cone-like shape with the diamond peak at the top still intact

- Turn the bottom up and behind the fabric and tuck into your pocket