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The Thomas Pink story, at least the well-known version, began in 1984 when the company was founded by three brothers, James, Peter and John Mullen. Thomas Pink soon became a tailoring staple around the globe; in the Square Mile and on Wall Street, our bright – some might say brash – shirts seemed perfectly in step with the time with bold designs that mirrored the audacious energy of the financial markets. To find out what set those first Thomas Pink shirts apart, you have to go back a little further. In the 18th century, a tailor by that name ran a small shop in central London. His bestselling product was a scarlet woollen coat created for what might euphemistically be called ‘country sports’. (The pastime Oscar Wilde famously described as “the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable”.) So renowned was Mr Pink for the coat’s premium fabric, exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, that ‘Pink’ became the generic name for the garment.

The story of Thomas Pink shirts


Today, Thomas Pink shirts are defined by the same exacting standards: fabric, fabrication and fit. This means we source the finest materials, and create timeless and bold designs to provide the best-fitting, most comfortable shirts you’ll ever wear at any stage of life. Our fabrics are made from the finest long-staple cotton for durability and excellent recovery. We extend garment life thanks to French seams throughout and a floating interlining on the collar. The signature Thomas Pink gusset and 1920s-style hem panel hold our shirts in place and prevent them from riding up. A split yoke and offset side seams ensure our famously superior fit. At Thomas Pink, we’re simply dedicated to constructing the best-quality shirt.

Changing Times

Back in the 1980s, we had a string of stores in key financial centres on every continent. But things were changing even then as a small thing called the internet made its debut in 1983. The new Thomas Pink has been created as an online emporium, an evolving collection of shirts, knitwear and accessories to help you build the perfect wardrobe. Which is not to say we’ve forsaken bricks and mortar. In fact, located in the heart of London’s historic fine tailoring district, a new Thomas Pink flagship store will be opening soon.

A Shirt for Everyone

Our customers are still go-getting but no longer necessarily just the Gordon Gekko types. They’re characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit, impassioned but discerning. Yes we make shirts for CEOs, but we also make them for designers and architects, for programmers, musicians, students, writers and restaurateurs. So whether you cycle to work, or pilot missions to the International Space Station, Thomas Pink will help you develop your own personal style. There’s simply no right or wrong way to wear one.

Thomas Pink's style
Thomas Pink Shirts for Everyone