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Portraits in Pink: Greta Ilieva


The London-based photographer, who specialises in fashion, portrait and documentary photography, takes an intimate yet playful family snap.


What was the inspiration behind your portrait?

Being a parent has been a large part of my life for the past three years, and I wanted to capture a fun and timeless moment of my kids being kids with their dad, which escapes us so quickly. The shirt echoes how we juggle work and parenting simultaneously.

What sort of photography do you specialise in?

I like the idea of crossing over whatever I find of interest: either fashion, portrait or documentary.

Who or what inspires you creatively?

My mother has had a huge influence as she was also a photographer, and has given me a stable starting point from my early childhood. I find inspiration in lots of different things – and it can be something quite simple such as waiting for a train somewhere or a new person I have met telling me their life story.

Generally speaking, what makes a good picture?

If you remember it.

What has been the most memorable picture you’ve taken?

I am finding this quite hard to answer as I have so many projects that I have done, and the different people that have been part of the picture.

Finally, what do you look for in a shirt?

Colour and material; I like layering my shirts sometimes, so material is something I’m interested in.