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How to accessorise your wedding outfit

We may think of accessories as being a woman’s preserve, but when it’s your big day, you may be wondering how to pull together the perfect finishing touches.

If you Google “wedding accessories”, you’ll be inundated with ideas for women on their big day ranging from extravagant headpieces and tiaras to sky-high heels, blingy handbags and custom veils. But what about the groom? These days there’s plenty of choice for the sartorially minded gent when it comes to adding a stylish final flourish to his outfit. But there are certain things to consider and pitfalls to avoid, so if your big day is coming up and you’re feeling like you haven’t quite nailed your look, let Thomas Pink be your guide with our accessory rules.

Dress like yourself... but more refined

This should be rule number one for bride, groom, guest and everyone in between. The happy couple should never feel pressured to look a certain way just because it’s the “done thing”. A wedding as a whole should reflect your individual style and character. If the idea of top hat and tails makes you shudder, then consider thinking outside the box. Depending on your dress code (if you’ve gone white or black tie then, unfortunately, you’ll need to lead by example), you can always be playful with your accessories by adding a pair of colourful socks or patterned tie, or going for a bow
tie instead (or simply wear your shirt unbuttoned at the neck). A pair of customised cufflinks and tie or lapel pin can easily add a pop of personality, too.

Decide what’s worth spending your hard-earned cash on

Our advice is to strike a balance between wearing the moth-eaten tie you’ve had since your sixth form prom and splashing out on expensive designer accessories. It’s fine to have a mix of both, or to borrow something sentimental from a friend or family member and shop for an investment piece, such as a new watch. Remember that most accessories will be suitable for future formal events, so you’ll likely get your money’s worth.

Embrace retro

If disposable cameras that cost £15 a pop to print are back in fashion, then there’s no reason not to wear your grandad’s stretchy suspenders. We don’t mean literally, of course (unless they’re really chic). Not only are suspenders eminently practical but they make a style statement in their own right. The rule is to wear braces or a belt (not both) and to team them with proper formal trousers rather than jeans or chinos. Oh, and please, please, please avoid a short-sleeve shirt and bow tie unless you want to look like a 2010 hipster.

Put a ring on it

Up until relatively recently, it was common for men to eschew a wedding band altogether, or at least keep it in their bedside drawer. Don’t get us wrong, the ring aversion wasn’t (always) for nefarious reasons, but simply because men wearing jewellery wasn’t a thing. Women sporting wedding bands is a tradition that dates back to Ancient Egypt, whereas the male wedding ring only really came about in the wake of the second world war. Now, it’s common practice, and the advent of gender-neutral jewellery, rings designed for same-sex couples and the acceptance of necklaces, earrings and flashy watches and cufflinks for men means that grooms have more choice than ever before. So, if bling is your thing – and so long as you avoid the ’70s medallion buried in chest hair look – the world (of jewellery) is your oyster.

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