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Top Wedding Trends 2024

What you need to know and how to upgrade your wardrobe.

Retro is in

All-out ’90s nostalgia has dominated high street fashion for a while, and the trend has now trickled into the wedding industry. This means that DJs are spinning vinyl (Agadoo and The Birdie Song not compulsory) and the overall aesthetic is distinctly unpolished, with the return of film photography and disposable cameras on tables. Sure, almost all of the resulting snaps will be blurry, overexposed or simply unusable, but this taps into the current Instagram trend for content that’s less contrived and perfect and therefore more genuine. This allows couples to embrace a more fun, laid-back vibe that really showcases their personality.


Choose colour

Good news for all you maximalists out there. Modern couples are moving away from the ubiquitous minimalism and neutral tones of late and are embracing colour, texture and pattern. This seeps into every aspect of a wedding, from the decor and the cake to the invitations and floral bouquet. And when it comes to clothing, it means you can break away from traditional black tie and go for something bold or add colourful accessories, whether you’re the groom or a guest.


Make a weekend of it

Back in the day, newly married couples would leave their own nuptials early to go off on honeymoon – leaving the party to continue without them. These days, that’s simply unthinkable. Maybe it’s a hangover from lockdown weddings and those couples who were forced to go micro, but modern newlyweds are keen to eke out the celebrations as long as possible. Inspired by our friends across the pond, who traditionally hold a rehearsal dinner the night before, it’s more common for weddings to take place across three days, starting with a welcome drinks reception, the big day itself and then a follow-up recovery day complete with full English breakfast or BBQ.


The year of the proposal

Adjacent to wedding trends is the fact that 2024 is set to be the year of the proposal. According to research by Signet Jewelers – the largest diamond jewellery retailer in the world – this year will end
the ‘engagement gap’, a ‘temporary halt in proposals driven by the pandemic’. While dating declined during the pandemic – and Covid sounded the death knell for many couples – there was a boost in new relationships towards the tail-end of lockdown, meaning that, four years on, the timing is just right for popping the question. So, even if your diary isn’t exactly chock-a-block this year, you can expect a lot more weddings on the horizon. Or maybe you’re the one planning to get down on one knee? Either way, invest in a new black-tie ensemble for upcoming celebrations or popping the question in style.