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Portraits in Pink: Ellen Stewart

This month, London-based photographer Ellen tells the story of how she captured the vibrant colours of the Philippines, which complement the hue of our signature shirt.

What was the inspiration behind your portrait?

I was spending the month in the Philippines. I wanted the portrait to be influenced by all the beautiful colours I had come across since I’ve been here. My boyfriend and I spent the day driving on a bike looking for tones that resembled the richness of colour I’ve seen. At the end of the day we drove to a beach, and during the last light I took some relaxed photos of him in the palm trees that ended up capturing that natural feel in the colourful nature.

What sort of photography do you specialise in?

A mix of documentary and ideas-based.

Who or what inspires you creatively?

Could be anything; something I’ve seen during the day, an article, cinema, painting, light... I’m generally drawn to anything that makes me see everyday life differently.

Generally speaking, what makes a good picture?

Without trying to sound too clichéd, I think it’s a picture that makes you feel something. Could be a soulful reaction, a change in feeling or just a visceral reaction inside you.

What’s the most memorable picture you’ve taken?

That’s a hard one. I took a photo on the beach through the legs of my friend in which you see a group of men in-between her legs – that one was pretty memorable for a few reasons.

Finally, what do you look for in a shirt?

One that can be smart and relaxed depending how you style it.

Discover more of Ellen’s work @ellenjstewart and